Originally from Cape Town including 3 years at UCT, he trained as a chiropractor at the Durban University of Technology (KZN, South Africa) and has since been in private practice in Durban from 2002.

He is married with 2 daughters. and free time includes running (mainly trail with some road), beach volleyball, obstacle races and movies.

Other work includes exam moderation and clinician duty for the Chiropractic Department at the Durban University of Technology.




Treatment may include any of the following:

  1. manipulation (using diversified technique to restore a joint, which is not moving properly, to full function; this may produce a ‘popping’ sound)
  2. dry needling (putting acupuncture needles in specific “knots” in the muscles to relieve them)
  3. various muscle therapies and exercises
  4. strapping using kinesiotape
  5. postural, nutrition, sleep and fitness advice.

X-rays and blood tests are only used if absolutely necessary and can be done at the medical centre.